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Yes, You Can Sell Your High-End Camera at a Pawn Shop: Learn How

Yes, You Can Sell Your High-End Camera at a Pawn Shop: Learn How

In this day and age, it may seem that everyone uses their cellphones to take photos but in fact there is a growing interest in high-end cameras. In fact, at South Bay Jewelry & Loan we can’t always keep them in stock. If you are interested in buying a high-end camera, stop by and we can show you what we have. If you are considering selling your camera, keep reading to learn how it’s done.

We Know it Can Be a Hard Decision to Sell Your Camera

For many people, selling their high-end camera to a pawn shop can be a tough decision. The good news is that if you are not yet ready to sell your camera, but you do need help today, you may choose a pawn loan instead. This is a safe, secure, and confidential process. You give up ownership of your camera for a short period of time and in exchange we give you cash.

You can use that money for whatever you need to. Once you are back on your feet, you simply bring the money back, plus interest, and you get your camera back. This loan process requires neither a credit check or an income check and it takes just half an hour.

We Will Be Particularly Excited if Your Camera is One of These Brands

We offer loans on cameras as high as $50,000, or as low as $5. As you can see, we will take just about any brand as long as the camera is in decent shape and / or has a good resale value. Some of the brands we are more excited about than other brands include Leica, Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Hassleblad, Voigtlander, Panasonic, and Rollei. This doesn’t mean if your camera is not one of these brands we won’t give you a great price – just call us at (310) 371-4571 to find out what range your camera may fall into.

When You Want the Best Price You Want to Follow These Tips

The better cared for your camera is, the better the price will be. Bring it in with as many of its original accessories as you have. This includes the case, the lenses, the adapters, tripods – anything you have. If you have documents that show us what its value is, then that is a smart thing to bring as well. Essentially, take a few minutes to get it cleaned up, bring us as much documentation as you have, and you will get the best price we can give you.

Now is a great time to stop by or give South Bay Jewelry & Loan a call at (310) 371-4571. We are happy to discuss your many options over the phone or in person.

Posted on July 23, 2019
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