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Learn How to Sell a Luxury Watch and Get Top Dollar

Learn How to Sell a Luxury Watch and Get Top Dollar

If you have a luxury watch that you are not using and you want to clear up space, or make a little quick money, then selling your luxury watch is a great idea. To learn more about the simple ways you can sell your watch for the best price, keep reading or stop by South Bay Jewelry & Loan to get a quote.

Keep it in Its Original Package When Possible

If you have a luxury watch in its original package, it is going to be much easier to sell for top dollar than a “loose” watch. If you do not have a package at all, you can buy a basic box. This will help you keep it safe and secure while you are waiting to sell it. However, if you can get the original box from the company that designed the watch, the price will go up.

Clean Up Your Watch

The better shape your watch is in, the more it will sell for. Even taking a few minutes to just wipe it off and ensure there is no dirt or debris stuck in the workings can increase the price. If it is a non-working watch, get a quote to find out how much it would cost to have it repaired. It may be more affordable than you think and could increase the price by more than you spend.

Bring Documentation

Do you have any documentation of your watch? This could be a receipt from the luxury brand. It could be evidence of the authenticity. As much as we’d like to simply take your word for it, the more documentation you have, the more we can be certain it is the real deal – and the better deal you will end up getting.

Do Your Homework

There are plenty of places online you can use to find out what similar bags are selling for. However, when comparing prices there are a few things to look out for. First, remember that your bag may not be in the same shape as those you see listed. There may be other differences, such as the size or year it was made.

Finally, consider that the price an item is listed for sale for is just that – a price someone has decided to list it as. Anyone can list an item for any price they want – the real question is how much similar purses are actually selling for. When you bring your item to South Bay Jewelry & Loan, we will give you an honest assessment. We will give you information on what similar bags have sold for and offer our price.

Remember that you are getting great convenience when selling through a pawn shop. You sell it to us directly and get paid immediately. You do not have to market it, wait for it to sell, or worry about finding buyers. To learn more about how we can help you, contact South Bay Jewelry & Loan at (310) 371-4571 for stop by our location.

Posted on August 19, 2019
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