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I’m ready to sell a diamond ring and I want to get the best possible price. Where should I go?

I’m ready to sell a diamond ring and I want to get the best possible price. Where should I go?So you’ve decided to sell a diamond ring. Perhaps you recently got divorced, or amicably split years ago and never got around to getting rid of your wedding rings. Or perhaps it was your great-grandmother’s and you don’t really see the point of keeping it stowed in a box forever.

Whenever you’re ready to sell your diamond ring, there’s no better place to sell it than South Bay Jewelry & Loan.

We’re South Los Angeles’ best pawn shop because we offer top dollar for all diamond rings and other highly valuable pieces of jewelry. Bring your diamond to South Bay Jewelry & Loan, along with any pertinent documentation, and our expert appraisers will thoroughly evaluate your ring. Then he or she will ask you if you’d like to sell or pawn your ring.

Get $$$ Now

If you choose to sell it, great! Walk out with cold hard cash in your hands within minutes. If you choose to pawn it, great! You can still walk out with cold hard cash in your hands within minutes.

Why pawn?

The advantage of pawning your diamond ring is that you’ll have the opportunity to get it back. We’ll keep your ring as collateral during the loan repayment period, and keep it safe and in pristine condition in our secure storage facility. Then as soon as the loan is paid off with any necessary interest, your ring will be returned to you immediately.

Whether your ring is 1-10 carats, we definitely want it at South Bay Jewelry & Loan.

We pay top dollar for diamond rings. The price you receive will depend on the quality and quantity of your ring. What are you waiting for? Go to South Bay Jewelry & Loan today to request an appraisal. There’s no risk to you, since you can always refuse our offer if it doesn’t appeal to you. But you may be pleasantly surprised by the amount we offer to you for your diamond ring.

Just think: what could you do with a few thousand dollars?

Many people dream of having cash windfalls… make it happen today at South Bay Jewelry & Loan! Whatever you choose to spend it on is your business, but if you have an unexpected medical bill, funeral expenses to pay for a close family member, or you simply want to go on a well-deserved shopping spree, we can put the necessary cash in your hands today.

Hassle-free cash boost

There’s no hassle at South Bay Jewelry & Loan– you don’t have to fill out a ton of paperwork, there aren’t any credit or background checks, and there are no income requirements. Stop by today to see how much money you could get for your diamond ring!

Posted on April 9, 2016
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