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How to Get the Best Possible Price When It’s Time to Pawn Your TV for Instant Cash

How to Get the Best Possible Price When It’s Time to Pawn Your TV for Instant Cash

If you have an extra TV lying around and want to get top dollar selling your TV – but without having to deal with selling online, local buyers who never show up, and other hassles, then selling to a pawn shop might be the best option. At South Bay Jewelry & Loan we can offer a few tips that will help you get the best price, whether you shop with us or elsewhere.

Much of Our Decision-Making Process Depends on What We Have in Stock

One thing that is important for you to know is that one of the several factors we base our price on is what we have in our inventory. If we have recently had several people pawn 65” smart TVs, then we are likely to offer less for the same TV than we would if we had none or few in stock. For this reason, it might make sense to get quotes from several shops.

The More You Bring Us the More We Can Pay

If you want the maximum price for anything you are pawning, bring as much as you can. We do not mean to bring as many items as possible, but rather anything that pertains to what you have. For a TV, the best price is likely to go to the unit that comes with the box, cords, and remote control. It is worth taking the extra time to find any items you might have displaced.

Know What You Have and What it Is Worth

Do you have a plasma screen or an LCD? In most cases, plasma TVs are larger, cheaper, and use more energy compared to LCDs. As a result, they are generally worth less. Note as well that TVs have changed drastically in the last decade. If you attempt to sell a TV that has been around since Clinton was president, then you are not likely to get a good price for it.

You Do Not Have to Sell Your TV to Get Money for It

If you are considering selling your TV only because you need some quick cash, it might help you to know that we offer pawn loans that can get you the money you need without requiring you to give up your TV permanently.

The way it works is simple. You bring in your TV (or anything of value that you want to use as collateral) and we give you a loan equal to what we would pay for your TV. You can come back and pay the loan (and modest interest) back and get your TV. If you do not come back then we keep the TV and you keep the money. There is no credit check and you will qualify as long as you have something as value. Call South Bay Jewelry & Loan at (310) 371-4571 today to learn more.

Posted on July 20, 2020
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