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Get the $$$ You Need to Travel this Holiday Season at South Bay Jewelry & Loan

Get the $$$ You Need to Travel this Holiday Season at South Bay Jewelry & Loan

Wish you could travel to see friends or family members this holiday season, but you just don’t have the savings to swing it? You might be tempted to put your plane ticket on a credit card, but you’ll end up paying so much interest, and it’s simply not worth going into debt just to spend the holidays with loved ones. The good news is that you don’t have to choose between having a fun holiday season and being financially responsible. You can do both! Just come to South Bay Jewelry & Loan. We can get you the money you need within minutes – it really is that easy when you choose South Bay Jewelry & Loan.

How does it work?

All you’ll need to do is bring a valuable item to South Bay Jewelry & Loan. One of our expert appraisers will thoroughly evaluate it to determine its provenance and worth, and then give you a cash offer for it. Decide whether you’d like to sell it outright or pawn it – either way, you’ll be able to walk out with the money you need and want within minutes. If you decide to sell it outright, just accept our cash offer and walk out.

If you decide to pawn it, we’ll go over the loan terms and conditions with you in a clear and understandable manner, you’ll have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have, then you can sign the contract and walk out with cash in your pocket right away. We have interest rates that are as low as 2%, which is a much better deal than the interest rates you would have to pay if you were to get a cash advance from your credit card company.

If you happen to default on the loan, there won’t be any major consequences. We don’t report to the credit bureaus, though we will keep the item you brought as collateral. When you pay off your loan within the allotted time period, your item will be returned to you in mint condition. Learn more about the pawn process today by giving us a call at (310) 371-4571 or by stopping by our store. We’re located at 16701 Hawthorne Blvd. Lawndale, CA 90260 and business hours are Mon–Fri: 9:30–6:00, Sat: 9:30–5:00, Sun: Closed.

What items do you accept?

At South Bay Jewelry & Loan, we accept a wide variety of items for selling and pawn, provided that they are in good, re-sellable condition. You can get cash for your valuables at South Bay Jewelry & Loan within minutes! Items we accept for sale and pawn include:

  • Bikes
  • Cameras
  • Computers
  • Designer handbags
  • Electronics
  • Gold and silver
  • Jewelry
  • Loose diamonds
  • Luxury watches
  • Musical instruments
  • Tools

South Bay Jewelry & Loan is the best place to come to make your travel dreams come true this holiday season. Don’t go into debt just to make this happen – come to South Bay Jewelry & Loan! It’s the fastest, easiest way to get the money you need – today. We’ve been South Bay’s most trusted pawn broker since 1952. Whether you need $5 or $5,000, we’ll make it happen today!

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