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Get the Money You Need in Lawndale CA

Get the Money You Need in Lawndale CADo you have unexpected expenses? Perhaps you weren’t thinking you’d have such a high electricity bill this month, but the intense heat made cranking your air conditioning up an absolute necessity. Perhaps your spouse went on a spending spree, and now the credit card minimum payment is out of reach.

Don’t wait for your credit to be impacted or even completely shot—get the money you need in Lawndale CA to take care of your expenses and get peace of mind. Just come to South Bay Jewelry & Loan.

Do you want to get a special gift, but don’t have the cash on hand? Perhaps you wanted to get your son or daughter an awesome graduation present, but can’t do it because you don’t have any savings on hand.

  • Get her that beautiful necklace that she’ll treasure as she goes off to college, and she’ll marvel at your thoughtfulness and remember to call you to check in every once in awhile.
  • Get him that used Chevy he’s been pining after at the corner car dealership—he’ll never forget the moment you pointed out the window at the car with the big red bow on it, ready just for him!
  • Or maybe a monumental anniversary is coming up. Wow your husband or wife with a trip to the Caribbean—they’ll never see it coming, and they’ll never forget the feeling of the sand between their toes as they sip a piña colada.

Get the money you need in Lawndale CA to make some memories that’ll last a lifetime! You work hard—you deserve it. Just come to South Bay Jewelry & Loan.

How it works

Stop by our conveniently-located storefront at 16701 Hawthorne Blvd. Lawndale, CA 90260 and get the money you need today. Just bring a valuable item such as a piece of jewelry, computer, bike, or musical instrument, and we’ll give you the best cash offer possible. Choose whether you want to sell or pawn your item, and either way, you’ll walk out with cash in your pocket that very same day.

ABCs of Pawning

Lots of people have only seen pawning on TV, which doesn’t actually explain what goes on during a pawn transaction. Here’s the lowdown: bring your item in, our expert appraisers will inspect it and let you know how much it’s worth based on the current market, its condition, and other salient factors, and then offer you a certain amount for it on the spot. They’ll thoroughly explain the loan terms to you, and make sure you understand what you’re agreeing to. Sign on the dotted line and walk out with the money you need in minutes. Then just pay off the loan (with interest) within the allotted time and then pick up your item. It’s the best of both worlds—you don’t have to get rid of your precious possessions forever, but you can get the financial backup you need now.

Stop by 16701 Hawthorne Blvd. or call (310) 371-4571 to get started today.

Posted on June 12, 2015
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