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Get Ready for College with a Little Help from South Bay Jewelry & Loan

Get Ready for College with a Little Help from South Bay Jewelry & LoanGraduation season is upon us, and if you’re a high school senior who’s thinking about your future a lot, you may be worried about your financial prospects. When you leave home, the financial realities can really hit hard, and it can be difficult to get your footing right off the bat. Plus you always hear about people who graduate college with a mountain of debt that hangs over them for many years – for some, even decades – and you don’t want to have to deal with that when you’re just trying to get a steady job after graduation.

You don’t have to just resign yourself to inevitable financial struggles, though.

Sure, no matter what, getting used to being on your own will probably be really tough, but it doesn’t have to be agonizing. With a few solid strategies, you can avoid serious stress and set yourself up for a bright future.

Here are a few financial tips that’ll help you out during this big transition:

  • Buy used whenever possible (clothes, electronics, etc. – you can get major bargains when you shop around!)
  • Step away from the credit cards. You’ll be kicking yourself down the line if you wrack up debt on credit cards, particularly if they have high interest rates.
  • Save as much as you can. Even if it’s $10 a month, you’ll be much more prepared for inevitable emergency expenses when (not if!) they arise.
  • Avoid comparing yourself to others. You never know what someone else’s situation may be. It’s possible they look wealthy on the outside, but they are struggling under enormous debt, or putting up with a job they absolutely hate just to get by. Do the best you can with your situation and don’t worry about anyone else. Live simply and make sure you enjoy your life without blowing your budget. There are so many free ways to have fun!
  • Look for unexpected sources of income (sell any items you don’t need, offer to do odd jobs for neighbors, post flyers to tutor local kids at the library and coffee shops, etc.).

South Bay Jewelry & Loan can help you out with that last point.

Stop by our store today – it’s located at 16701 Hawthorne Blvd. Lawndale, CA 90260 with a valuable item you don’t need, and you’ll be able to walk out with the cash you need to get by within minutes. It really is that easy! We accept a wide range of items for sale and pawn:

  • Bikes
  • Cameras
  • Computers
  • Designer handbags
  • Electronics
  • Gold and silver
  • Jewelry
  • Loose diamonds
  • Luxury watches
  • Musical instruments
  • Tools

Many of these items are “nice to have” but not absolute essentials.

A computer, for instance, makes working and socializing convenient, but you can always go to the library if you need to write or research a paper. That piece of jewelry your parents have you for your 16th birthday is lovely, but if you need to pay your cell phone bill, you might choose to sell or pawn it at South Bay Jewelry & Loan to cover your expenses this month.

Stop by our store today! We’re conveniently located at 16701 Hawthorne Blvd. Lawndale, CA 90260, and business hours are Mon–Fri: 9:30–6:00, Sat: 9:30–5:00, Sun: Closed.

Posted on May 27, 2016
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