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First Time Visiting a Pawn Shop? Welcome!

At South Bay Jewelry and Loan, we’re all about making our customers feel welcome. As soon as you walk in the door, you’ll be greeted with a friendly smile. South Bay Jewelry and Loan has been serving the citizens of the Lawndale, California area since 1952—that’s over 60 years! How do you think we’ve been able to keep our doors open for so long? By offering our customers amazing service.First Time Visiting a Pawn Shop? Welcome!

First-Timer? Don’t worry

If you’ve only seen pawn shops on TV and you’ve never been in one before, no need to worry. We’ll be happy to explain every detail of our pawn loans, sale, and purchasing processes, so you’ll know about every aspect of what we do at South Bay. Then you can choose what you’d like to do—either pawn or sell a valuable item such as a bike, camera, piece of jewelry, musical instrument (see the full list here). Or you can check out our amazing selection of valuable items for sale and consider purchasing something for yourself or a special someone in your life. Our prices are dramatically lower than typical retail stores, and our selection is incredibly unique, so stop by regularly to see if something catches your eye.

What is a pawn loan?

We’ve been throwing around the term “pawn loan” a bit, and you might be wondering what, exactly, that is. No need to google it—it’s an easy question to answer right here. A pawn loan is also known as a collateral loan. When you bring in a valuable item in to South Bay Jewelry and Loan, it will be expertly evaluated (also called “appraised”) to determine its value. Then you will be offered a collateral loan based on that value. If you accept the terms of the loan, you’ll walk out of the store with cash in your pocket within minutes, and South Bay Jewelry and Loan will retain your valuable item during the loan repayment period. It’ll be kept in pristine condition in a secure storage facility, and then returned to you when the loan terms are met. As soon as your loan is paid off in full, simply swing by South Bay Jewelry and Loan and pick up your prized possession. It’s the best of both worlds, really—you get cash fast, right when you need it, and then in a few months when you pay off the loan, you get the item back.

Stop by our store at 16701 Hawthorne Boulevard in Lawndale, California, and call (310) 371-4571 if you have any questions.

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