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Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Preowned Designer Handbag

Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Preowned Designer HandbagIf you are huge fan of designer handbags, and you’re tired of saving up for months just to buy one bag, then you’ll be pleased to know about all the preowned designer handbags you can find at South Bay Jewelry & Loan. We have made our living providing competitive prices for high-quality items and whether you shop with us or someone else, we want to ensure you know exactly how to find the best items for your specific needs. Keep reading for tips on how to buy the highest quality designer handbag, then call us at (310) 371-4571 or stop by to check out our selection.

Buy Your Bag from a Trusted Reseller Who Has Something at Stake

Do you know why it is more likely that you will find someone off of Craigslist sell you a fake designer bag rather than South Bay Jewelry & Loan? Because they have nothing at stake. If you get a fake bag and are upset about it, who can you complain to? They are not a business. They do not have Yelp reviews. They do not require business licenses to run. We do. We have a long history of providing excellent products to our customers – and we have a reputation to protect.

The Most Important Factor is the Condition of the Bag

This may seem obvious but we have seen buyers get caught up in other factors when in truth the number one thing to look for is good condition. Look at the corners and handles to see if there are scratches. Check the hardware. We will disclose all wear and be honest with you, but you should look the bag over to be sure you are comfortable with the way it looks. It may be that you’re fine with light scuffs or scratches on the hardware. If not, don’t buy one that has these issues.

Be Clear About the Price

It is unwise to go into a situation looking to buy a preowned designer handbag and hope that you will find it for half price. When you visit a pawn shop, you may indeed find that there are bags for half price but remember that this will be in direction response to how hard to find the bags are and how coveted they are.

The more coveted a bag is, the less the value decreases as time goes on. If you are waiting for hard to find bags like Celine and Chanel, or certain rare colors of Louis Vuitton bags, you can expect that the price won’t be as discounted as it would if you were purchasing a more common bag for which we had plenty of inventory.

If you would like to learn more about the available bags and their affordable prices, stop by or give us a call: South Bay Jewelry & Loan at (310) 371-4571.

Posted on August 9, 2019
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