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Don’t Pawn Shops Have Lots of Stolen Stuff?

Don’t Pawn Shops Have Lots of Stolen Stuff?Lots of people wonder about pawn shops, and there’s an unspoken question that percolates in many people’s minds… though most are too shy or embarrassed to ask…

Don’t pawn shops have lots of stolen stuff?

It seems like a logical premise. Thieves get a hold of valuable items and they want fast cash… why not drop it off at a pawnshop? After all, South Bay Jewelry & Loan is always advertising how they offer top dollar for all items, so thieves probably think they’ll get lots of money by pawning or selling their stolen merchandise to South Bay Jewelry & Loan. Plus they don’t conduct background or credit checks, have income or employment requirements for pawning items… Easy money, right?


Extensive police monitoring

Pawnshops like South Bay Jewelry & Loan must fill out a significant amount of paperwork for all items received every single day. This documentation is submitted to the police, who review all information and pertinent serial numbers to make sure each item isn’t stolen merchandise within 90 days. Anything discovered as stolen is immediately rightfully returned to the original owner.

Superb protective measures

This serves as a protection to pawn shops such as South Bay Jewelry & Loan because if they receive any item and don’t report it to the police, they could be charged with the crime of receiving stolen merchandise. No pawnshop owner would want that because it would completely ruin his or her reputation and sour their positive relationship with the community.

Resale value is a top priority

It also works in pawnshop’s favor because about half of the items pawned in most American pawnshops are reclaimed by the owners after the loan repayment period ends successfully. That means about half of the items received for pawn will need to be resold. So pawnshops such as South Bay Jewelry & Loan never receives stolen merchandise because there’s a 50% probability that it will need to be resold.

No need to worry, then

So stop by South Bay Jewelry & Loan at 16701 Hawthorne Blvd. [address1] to check out our amazing selection of unique items for sale. You can rest assured that all of it has been acquired responsibly, and none of it is stolen merchandise. We do everything in our power to make sure all of our items are of excellent quality and in great condition so you can be confident when you make purchases at South Bay Jewelry & Loan. Plus our prices are simply unbeatable—they’re always much lower than retail prices!

Got questions? We’re all ears

Feel free to give us a call at (310) 371-4571 or email info@southbaypawn.com if you have any questions or concerns about the items we have for sale and our policies about potential stolen merchandise. We’re always happy to hear from anyone in our community, and we will respectfully answer any questions you may have!

Posted on July 17, 2015
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