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Are You Planning to Pawn Antiques? These 5 Simple Tips Can Help You

Are You Planning to Pawn Antiques? These 5 Simple Tips Can Help You

If you have antiques that are simply gathering dust, consider making a few bucks off of them. At South Bay Jewelry & Loan, we do take some antique items. Keep reading to check out five tips that will help you get the best value and then contact us at (310) 371-4571 or stop by with any additional questions.

  1. Take it to the Right Place
  2. First and foremost, make sure that the pawnshop you are going to visit takes the type of antiques you have. At South Bay Jewelry & Loan, we will consider many types of antiques, including jewelry and musical instruments, but we do not generally work with furniture. A simple call to the pawnshop you are considering should answer any questions about what they work with.

  3. Gather as Much Documentation as You Can
  4. You should know what the item is before you go into the pawnshop. Ideally, you would have documentation proving how old it is, who made it, etc. The more information you can provide for us, the more information we can provide to someone who will want to buy the item – which means a better payday for you.

  5. Know About Any Issues with It – And Be Honest
  6. Do not make the mistake of trying to hide any damage the piece may have. If you are upfront and honest, you can get an honest assessment of the price. If you try to hide the issue, you can bet that we will find it before the transaction is complete – and then we will have to start all over with the valuation. Do not create a need for this unnecessary step.

  7. Do Not Clean the Item
  8. Many people assume that the cleaner an item is, the more beautiful it will be and that the more beautiful it is, the more it will be worth. This can actually lower the value of an item. If the item is cleaned or polished with the wrong products or with the wrong method, the value can be significantly reduced. The finish could be destroyed, essential marks can be destroyed, and other issues can occur. Leave the item as you found it, packed safely, and bring it to us.

  9. Do Not Expect to Get the Full Value of the Item
  10. When you are pawning an item, you should not expect to get the same price you would get if you sold it to a private collector. The pawnshop must be able to make a profit when they sell it, so we cannot offer you the full value. The advantage of selling to us is that you do not have to deal with the hassle of finding a private buyer. You can come to us with your item and walk out with cash today.

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