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5 Tips to Help You Buy the Best Used Computer for Your Money

5 Tips to Help You Buy the Best Used Computer for Your Money

If it’s time to upgrade to a new-to-you-computer and you want the best possible price, we strongly recommend buying a used computer. Very few people can benefit from the latest models. For most people, a computer made in the last few years is going to work great for them – and cost a fraction of the price. But before you go buy a computer from an anonymous person online, read these tips to help ensure you get a good deal.

  1. Make Sure You Are Buying from a Trusted Seller
  2. The most important thing to do is to ensure that you are buying from a trusted seller. What does this mean? It means buying from someone who has a vested interest in selling only quality goods. For example, a pawnshop that sells computers knows they will not be in business for long if they do not provide quality products for their customers. They are a trusted seller. On the other hand, a person you find online who has a single laptop to sell has no real incentive to take part in an honest transaction – all they are looking for is money.

  3. Know What You Are Looking for Before You Get to the Store
  4. There is a wide range of options in the world of computers. There are different processing speeds, memory levels, types, and more. You should have as much information as possible about exactly what you are looking for. This prevents you from making a mistake and simply taking what is available. Even if you do not know the specifics of what you want, make sure you know if you need it for word processing, high-end games, graphic design, etc.

  5. Compare Prices
  6. You should never pay a new-computer-price for a used computer. Look online to see how much similar computers are selling for. Do not assume that whoever is selling the computer is offer a fair price – you should know that you are getting a good deal.

  7. Be Weary of Charging Issues
  8. One of the most common reasons that people sell their laptop is because the battery no longer holds a good charge. You can test to see if this is an issue by unplugging the laptop and seeing how long it says it has on just battery. If the battery isn’t great, don’t assume this is a deal breaker – sometimes new batteries are just more affordable than you think.

  9. Run Antivirus as Soon as You Get Home
  10. Once you have found a good deal, do not simply go home and start uploading all your personal files. Instead, run an antivirus scan first. There are numerous free options online that can help you confirm that the computer you have bought is in good shape.

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