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3 Household Items You Should Always Buy from Your Local Pawn Shop

3 Household Items You Should Always Buy from Your Local Pawn Shop

No one wants to spend money unnecessarily but everyone wants to get the best deal possible. Savvy shoppers know that the lowest price is not always the best deal – but sometimes it is. At South Bay Jewelry & Loan we know there are certain things you may not want to buy used but there are three things that we strongly recommend everyone buys at a pawn shop.

Keep reading to learn more. Then contact us at (310) 371-4571 if you have questions or want to know what options are available for you. You can also stop by to browse during our regular open hours.

  1. Tools
  2. Tools are extremely expensive when purchased brand new. Many people use the fact that they are nearly indestructible and will last a lifetime to make up for that cost. We say that this is actually a great reason to buy tools at a pawn shop. While some items may become damaged as time goes on, tools stay in great shape. Unlike electronics, they do not need to be upgraded every year so the tools that worked for someone’s father 50 years ago can work great for you today.

  3. Jewelry
  4. While the specifics of your purchase will vary based on what you’re buying and other factors, you can generally expect that jewelry at pawn shops will cost about 50% less than what you would pay at full retail price. This is a step discount and you generally have a very large selection to choose from.

    Some people feel strange buying used jewelry because it is so often such a person possession. However, keep in mind that when you buy jewelry full price at your local jewelry store, there is a good chance it is not brand new either. The stones may have been moved from another piece of jewelry, the gold or silver may have been used in another piece and melted down.

  5. Musical Instruments
  6. Even if you want to buy a brand new musical instrument, you don’t need to go to a big box store or musical instrument specialty store to do so – you can simply come to South Bay Jewelry & Loan. Why? Because musical instruments are often bought with a lot of hope, but the owner does not follow up and learn it. In many cases, they bring us their instruments to sell and have never played it or have played it only a few times. Why pay full price when you can get a great deal on a hardly used instrument?

If you are interested in buying a musical instrument, or you have questions about the process, we welcome you to contact South Bay Jewelry & Loan. Either stop by to see for yourself or call us at (310) 371-4571 and we can get started.

Posted on June 7, 2019
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