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Hawthorne CA

Hawthorne CA is known as “the city of good neighbors,” and it certainly does seem like a nice place to live. It’s probably most famous as the home of the Wilson brothers, aka the Beach Boys. Today you can see a historic marker commemorating the band’s boyhood here although their actual home was torn down to build a freeway in the 1980s. Many other famous people grew up in or lived in Hawthorne CA, including Marilyn Monroe, Jim Thorpe, and several NFL players. If you’re not a celebrity yourself, you may be looking for a bit of extra cash to help you get out and enjoy everything the area around Hawthorne CA has to offer or just to keep up with an important bill. Turn to South Bay Jewelry & Loan. We extend fast cash pawn loans on all kinds of valuables from jewelry to luxury watches, handbags electronics, and more.


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